Tu Lam, Instructor

Founder and CEO of Ronin Tactics Inc., is a high risk training instructor with more then 21 yrs of experience while serving with the US Army Special Operations.

His experience has molded him into a combat proven professional that has operational experience in every combatant theater around the world.

As a tactical leader for Ronin Tactics, he leverages the knowledge from other Special Forces Operators that have distinguished themselves in combat.

Ed Rodriguez Owner/Lead Instructor

Following a decorated career in the United states army, Ed went on to create Colorado's most elite firearm and self defense Training school in 1999. 

More than 11 of ed's 22.5 years of service was spent with special operations.

Ed has gained great knowledge from other Special Operation Operators that has enabled him to survive on the battle field.

Ed is a Nra certified firearms instructor and has trained with numerous prestigious foreign Military Counter Terrorist Groups.

Red Dot Tactics / PDTSS has trained elite Air force explosive ordinance detachments and various law enforcement agencies along with military tactics and firearms to include the public. 

Utilizing proven combat tactics his experience and advanced schooling, ed is able to provide a hands on training experience that will not only keep you and those around you safe, it will insure that you know how to react if a threat arises.