Our company began in 1999 right here in Colorado Springs with the goal to bring to the public training programs that go beyond simple target practice and into training for real life and death situations. We knew it was important to teach people real tactics and give them the mindset to handle any situation they are dealt. 

We take our firearms training seriously and want you to come away with a sense of confidence that you can only get with our carefully designed firearms, weapons and self-defense classes. Precision Defensive Tactical Shooting School instructors know their “stuff”. 

Ed Rodriguez’s extreme military experience has landed repeat contracts with the various U.S. Armed Forces. His knowledge and skills have also brought interest from law enforcement, corporate and other organizations for personnel training from various locations around the nation and even from around the world.

With that said, his humble character and sincere nature can take someone with no knowledge of firearms and give them the confidence, the ability and the knowledge they need for real life situations. No matter your experience, or lack there of, Ed works hard to make sure everyone leaves his classes with the mindset, the tactics and weapons knowledge needed for real life situations

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